Nolunthando Sheltered EMPLOYMENT Trust


NSET is a life and work skills training project. The project aims to develop persons who are differently abled to achieve their potential for work and employment in Cape Town and surrounding areas.

NSET programmes include respite care and stimulation. Trainees will on completion be able to function at a lower level in the open labour market. It also prepares higher-functioning trainees for employment and support. The training and career path model is unique developmental as it successfully progresses trainees, at different levels of functioning, from one level to another with exit opportunities in the economy.


Founded & Funded by Wendy Ackerman, The Noluthando Sheltered Employment Trust (NSET) PROTECTIVE WORKSHOP was officially opened on 28 October 2021 at the Noluthando School for the Deaf & Autistic in Khayelitsha. Enabled by funding from The Ackerman Family Educational Trust and Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages, the renovated and refurbished building will provide a safe and well-equipped facility to enable sheltered employment opportunities for skilled Noluthando students, as well as people with a disability from the greater Khayelitsha community.

Wendy Ackerman

Founder & Funder

Empowering Dreams, Igniting Impact: The Serenity Bliss Pamper Hamper Collaboration

In a harmonious partnership between Roots and Raw Foundation and NOLUNTHANDO SHELTERED EMPLOYMENT TRUST, a transformative initiative is taking root in the heart of Cape Town and its surrounding areas. This dynamic collaboration, known as the Serenity Bliss Pamper Hamper, stands as a beacon of hope, empowerment, and social impact.

NSET, a life and work skills training project, envisions a world where differently-abled individuals not only achieve their potential but thrive in the open labor market. Through respite care, stimulation, and a unique developmental model, NSET prepares trainees for diverse employment opportunities, fostering inclusivity in the South African economic landscape.

As an award-winning Local Social Impact Business, Roots and Raw Foundation is committed to driving positive change. Their dedication to social entrepreneurship aligns seamlessly with NSET's mission, paving the way for a groundbreaking collaboration that transcends traditional boundaries.

The Serenity Bliss Pamper Hamper:

This Phase 1 pilot collaboration introduces an exclusive range of Nolunthando Soap and Candle products, skillfully crafted by the beneficiaries of NSET. Available separately on the Roots and Raw Ecommerce website, these items not only symbolize quality but also represent a story of resilience and determination.

Impact Beyond Products:

This collaboration is more than just a collection of exquisite products; it's a gateway to employment and income for the beneficiaries of Nolunthando Sheltered Employment Trust and Roots and Raw Social Entrepreneurs. The Serenity Bliss Pamper Hamper serves as a testament to the power of collaboration, weaving a tapestry of empowerment for all involved.

Roots and Raw Foundation, a trailblazer in local social impact, promises a year of exponential growth in 2024. Watch this space as the collaboration expands, creating ripples of change and transforming lives. By purchasing the Serenity Bliss Pamper Hamper, customers not only indulge in luxurious self-care but also contribute to a brighter, more inclusive future.

As the Serenity Bliss Pamper Hamper takes its place in the Roots and Raw Ecommerce collection, let us raise a toast to impact, resilience, and the boundless possibilities that arise when businesses and social enterprises join hands. This collaboration exemplifies the extraordinary outcomes that unfold when passion meets purpose, creating a world where everyone, regardless of ability, can achieve their full potential. Cheers to a future filled with empowerment and prosperity!