AUBURN Botanicals


Roots and Raw Foundation is thrilled to join forces with Auburn Botanicals, bringing a touch of botanical luxury to the Serenity Bliss Pamper Hamper. This collaboration is more than a product launch; it's a movement towards a future where every individual, regardless of ability, can achieve their potential. Together, we invite you to explore, support, and be part of the journey toward inclusivity, innovation, and empowerment.

ABOUT Auburn Botanicals

Founded by Zulfah Hartley, Auburn Botanicals emerged from a personal quest for sensitive skin care, evolving into a brand dedicated to crafting natural self-care products tailored for menopausal women. Rooted in a fusion of science, aromatherapy, and skincare expertise, Auburn Botanicals epitomizes a commitment to quality and well-being.

Zulfah Hartley

This collaboration finds its roots in a 3-year Entrepreneurship Program hosted by the EPWP Department in partnership with the University of WC. Together, Auburn Botanicals and Roots and Raw Foundation unite to bring forth a transformative partnership that goes beyond business. It's a union focused on building strategic partnerships, offering value-added products and services for holistic well-being, fostering local brands, supporting homegrown businesses, and constructing a robust home-based community supply chain.

The objective? Job creation within the local community and the promotion of community economic resilience. By combining forces, we aim to weave a tapestry of opportunity, where each collaboration contributes to a stronger, more vibrant community. Join us on this journey where passion, purpose, and prosperity intertwine.

Introducing Roots and Raw NumNum Wellness Bites – where wholesome meets guilt-free snacking!

We believe that true wellness begins with what you put into your body. That's why we've crafted a range of delicious and nutritious snacks that redefine the snacking experience. Our roots are firmly planted in the concept of providing a guilt-free indulgence that empowers you, one bite at a time.

Superfood Chocolate Truffles and Spiced Energy Date Balls Each bite is packed with the power of superfoods, carefully selected for their nutritional prowess. We understand the importance of balance. Our snacks offer the pleasure of indulgence without compromising on your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.   Fuel your body, nourish your soul. NumNum Wellness Bites – Empower Your Snacking Experience!



Superfood Chocolate Truffles
Spiced Energy Date Balls

The Serenity Bliss Pamper Hamper: Where Every Purchase Sparks Change. 

Escape the chaos and embrace relaxation with our exclusive Serenity Bliss Pamper Hamper! Crafted in the Cape by incredible women-run organizations, each box is a testament to handmade luxury and proud South African heritage.

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What's Inside:

  • Serenova Nerve Oil 50ml
  • Handmade Soy Candle (1)
  • Natural Glycerin Soap (1)
  • Superfood Dark Chocolate Truffles 150g
  • Spiced Energy Date Balls 150g
  • Loose Leaf Herbal Tea Pouch 100g

Why Serenity Bliss?

  • Proudly crafted in the Cape by women-run organizations.
  • Handmade and home-made for a truly personal touch.
  • Thoughtfully curated for a holistic pampering experience.
  • Perfect for self-care or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one.