Mitchell's Plain ENTREPRENEURS Hub


Roots and Raw Social Entrepreneurs Collaborate with Mitchell’s Plain Entrepreneur Hub (MPEH) for Community well-being.

At the heart of Mitchells Plain, Cape Town, a dynamic collaboration has blossomed between Roots and Raw Social Entrepreneurs and MPEH, founded by the visionary Lucretia Jardini. This partnership is a testament to a shared commitment to fostering a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem and enhancing the well-being of individuals associated with the Hub.


Founded by Lucretia Jardini, Mitchells Plain Entrepreneurs Hub is a registered private company with the vision to build sustainable communities and to create a sustainable business hub to drive economy for entrepreneurs in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town, South Africa and beyond. To revolutionise access to ideas and technology, enabling all individuals to realise their full creative potential. Through collaboration, innovation and a commitment to inclusivity, we strive to create a more equitable and inspiring world.

Zulfah Hartley

Founded by Aurbon and Natalie, Roots and Raw is a social entrepreneurship initiative that has taken root in the community. Their grassroots initiative began with in-person well-being workshops at the historic Dagbreek Hall in Westridge, Mitchells Plain, situated in Ward 81. These workshops were aimed at promoting holistic health and self-care within the community.

From these community gatherings, Roots and Raw has grown its impact by embracing online platforms. The initiative now offers sustainable self-care and healthy living workshops, reaching a wider audience. In 2024, Aurbon and Natalie are set to expand their offerings to include online yoga sessions and seasonal wellness events.

Roots and Raw's collaboration with MPEH, is grounded in a shared mission to create a sustainable business hub and economy while prioritizing the well-being of individuals. This partnership aligns seamlessly with MPEH's core objectives of Research, Influence, Support, and Education.

As part of their joint efforts, Roots and Raw and MPEH are excited to introduce Wellness Wednesdays. This series of free, one-hour wellbeing talks will be hosted online between 7-8 pm, providing a valuable space for the community to engage with experts and explore various aspects of self-care and healthy living.

Diverse Programs and Services:

This collaboration will leverage the diverse programs and services offered by MPEH, including the Mitchells Plain Community Market, Youngpreneurs empowerment initiatives, XOXO Media for marketing and digital presence, EmpowerHer Artisan Edition, Community Accelerator Campaigns, Business Support Services, and General Opportunities.

To RSVP for the free 1-hour Wellness Wednesday Talks and be a part of this transformative collaboration, individuals can connect with Roots and Raw and MPEH through their respective platforms. Together, Aurbon, Natalie, and Lucretia Jardini invite the community to embark on a journey of holistic well-being and entrepreneurial empowerment.

This collaboration stands as a shining example of the potential when social entrepreneurship and community-driven initiatives converge, creating a ripple effect of positive change in Mitchells Plain and beyond.

Click Here to RSVP for our upcoming Wellness Wednesday WhatsApp Interactive Talk.