In the heart of Seawinds, Retreat, where challenges abound, Aunty Carol, a beloved figure, identified a crucial need in her community. Witnessing the struggles faced by kids after school, she took it upon herself to provide a haven for them. Starting from her home and later securing a space through her sister, Aunty Carol established Mothers Unite—a beacon of hope for local children.

Aunty Carol recognized that support went beyond just a roof; it meant nourishing both the body and mind. Transforming refurbished containers into a vibrant center, she enlisted unemployed individuals and grandmothers as volunteers.

With this prove of concept in mid-2017, We, educated the volunteers on Agri-processing. They harvest fresh veggies from the community garden and we taught them how to transform them into nutritious smoothies for the kids returning from school. Giving the children nourishing foods of good quality.

Here's the twist: we empowered the volunteers with a daily rate for their invaluable assistance in the smoothie-making process for our online shop. The daily wages were donated to Mothers Unite, creating a sustainable loop of support for the organization and its dedicated helpers. At mothers Unite, we took on two learners with disabilities and one learner doing Business Administration learnership.  These learners were able to finish their in-service training and Mother Unite received the administrative help they needed.


This model, born out of care and resourcefulness, has the potential to grow with the right support. A story of community, resilience, and the impact that a simple idea, nurtured with dedication, can have on a neighborhood filled with challenges.