Nolunthando Sheltered Employment Trust - At NSET, they believe in a developmental approach that facilitates progression through different levels of functioning, offering diverse exit opportunities into the economy. Their commitment ensures equitable access to lifelong learning, training, and capacity building, fostering the full and equal participation of differently-abled individuals in the mainstream economy.

Roots & Raw did a 6-week pilot with the organisation, incorporating breathwork and stretching routines into their existing programs, the participants were noticeably calmer and the care givers reported that that participants seems more settled and management of   their tasks improved. The Caregivers benefited from the practices as well.  As part of NSET innovative ventures, participants craft exquisite natural soaps and candles. Collaborating with us, we've curated the Serenity Bliss Pamper Hampers, showcasing their creations along with our products. This collaboration not only provides participants with an avenue for sustainable income but also enables them to brand and market their own products.

The Serenity Bliss collection will soon be available on our ecommerce platform. Join us in creating a future where every individual, regardless of ability, can achieve their potential in the vibrant heart of Cape Town and beyond.